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W. Kamau Bell urges men to stand up for abortion rights

The Supreme Court will soon issue its ruling on a Mississippi abortion case that many expect will overturn Roe v. Wade. The fight for abortion rights will enter a new phase and supporters are looking to build a coalition of people to join the effort. So this Father’s Day, award-winning comedian and TV host W. Kamau Bell partnered with Lizz Winstead, founder of Abortion Access Front, to urge men to become more vocal and active supporters of reproductive rights. “For years, we rejected men weighing in,” Winstead says, but now it’s time to change the narrative to show “men having solidarity with us.” Bell recognizes that while the majority of Americans support reproductive rights, many people aren’t engaged in the issue. “We all have to battle for everybody’s rights,” he says. “We don’t let one group battle for their rights and another group battle for their rights. If there’s good work to be done, we all gotta get involved.”

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