These are Wall Street’s favorite stocks, and where analysts think they’re going

Amid the market volatility, there are some names that stand out as winners, according to Wall Street analysts. The stock market , which had enjoyed recent gains this summer, took a turn last week. The S & P 500 snapped its four-week winning streak on Friday, as experts debated whether or not the market’s recent rally was a bear market bounce . The index is up about 15% since the June 17 intraday low. When investing in this environment, it pays to focus on the fundamentals, which analysts pour over when deciding whether to recommend a stock. What follows are companies that are well liked by Wall Street analysts. To find these names, CNBC Pro looked for stocks that have buy ratings from at least 60% of the analysts covering them and upside to the median price target of at least 10%. All names are in the S & P 500. The data on buy ratings and median price targets mentioned below are from FactSet. Signature Bank tops the list with 100% of the analysts covering the stock giving it a buy rating. It has 27% upside to the median analyst price target. In a note earlier this month, Bank of America analyst Ebrahim H. Poonawala wrote that Signature was one of the banks that “offer an interesting risk/reward given their secular growth potential.” Howmet Aerospace and Steris follow Signature with 85.7% of the analysts covering the stocks rating them a buy. Howmet, already up 18% year to date, has 11.9% upside, based on the median analyst price target. Steris, a provider of medical products and services, reported quarterly earnings slightly below expectations earlier this month. However, JPMorgan analysts said in a note after the release that “aside from current macro headwinds, STE’s business remains strong.” Steris has 12.1% upside to the median price target. When it comes to those with the largest potential gains ahead, Schlumberger stands out in the crowd with 34.7% upside, according to the median analyst price target. The oilfield services company, which is benefiting from the rise in oil prices, is already up about 24% year to date. Of those analysts who cover the stock, 82.1% rate it a buy. Alaska Air and Generac Holdings also stand to potentially make some large gains. Both have 31.7% upside, according to the median analyst price targets. Of the analysts who cover Alaska Air, 84.6% rate it a buy, while 81.8% of the analysts covering Generac Holdings give it a buy rating. Alaska Air is down almost 13% for the year, and Generac Holdings has more than 27%.

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